The Importance Of A Good Vocabulary - Why Your Vocabulary Can Be the Make Or Break Factor In Your Career And Life Success


After years of painstaking research into the factors behind life and career success, research scientist Johnson O'Connor wrote:


"An extensive knowledge of the exact meanings of English words accompanies outstanding success in this country more often than any other single characteristic
we have been able to isolate and measure"


So why is it so important to have a good vocabulary?


Well, there are a number of reasons:


People judge you by the words you use


Like it or not, every time you speak to someone they are trying to figure out how competent, successful, and smart you are.


Research has shown that people are more likely to be judged as competent and smart when they speak with a good vocabulary.

Language and thought are inseparable


You need words to think and to think you need words. If you don't believe me, try to come up with a solution to a problem without thinking in words. You can't - it's
just plain impossible. Language is the tool our minds use to think, plan, solve problems, and succeed.


Therefore, it follows that knowing more words gives your mind more ways to think about things and more tools to plan and solve problems. Having a better vocabulary literally improves your ability to think.


Vocabulary tools


We have researched every vocabulary building tool available and our current tool of choice is Ultimate Vocabulary. This tool will work better than most vocabulary programs because it utilizes what we have found to be the most effective psychological methods for vocabulary improvement.



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