How to Increase Your Vocabulary in 7 Days


Do you feel daunted by taking on the massive task of building your vocabulary? It can certainly seem overwhelming. There are so many words to learn! And how do you know which ones are the real power words that will take you to the top of your planned career path, and win you the personal relationships you want and deserve?


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What if you could make a real difference to your vocabulary, to your work and to your life in just 7 days? Can one week really be enough to say goodbye to embarrassing work situations where your poor vocabulary lets you down?
The truth is that if you work smart rather than hard, you can skyrocket your vocabulary, and thus your career potential, through the roof in much less time than would at first seem possible.


The reason for this is that there are certain sets of words that are the critical ones in any situation. And detailed research has demonstrated that it is possible to distil the key power words for business down to 1,000 key words that are guaranteed to give your vocabulary the killer edge you need.


But even 1,000 words can sound like a lot to learn. If you want to make a big difference to your career in just 7 days, the best news is that just a couple of hundreds words will make a BIG difference. And the even better news is that you probably know these words already. You probably can more or less recognize them when you see or hear them. But youre not 100% sure of their exact meaning, so you dont have the confidence to use them yourself.


This is where it is all too easy to let yourself down and remarkably, you can undo weeks of hard work in your job with one embarrassing slip up in your written or verbal communication. Its bad enough when talking with colleagues to look confused or try to bluff and change the subject when you dont recognize a key word they are using confidently but worse still when your boss is in the room!


To make a difference to your vocabulary and your effectiveness in just 7 days, all you need to do is to identify and learn the specific, important words that you hear but do not use, and you will immediately have the key to impressing your boss and colleagues effortlessly!



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